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X- Ray Diffractometer:

X- Ray Diffractometer:

The XRD is a powder-based Brag-Brentano geometry XRD of Bruker make. It works on the principle of X-ray Diffraction and is used for the quantitative analysis which is performed based on the crystal structure of each element present in the compound under analysis.

X- Ray Fluorescence:

The XRF is of Bruker make. It is used for the qualitative analysis of a compound. It gives the oxide composition of each element present in the compound under analysis


An Iso-thermal Calorimeter by TA Instruments is present in the lab. It gives the reaction kinetics of the sample right from the beginning of hydration. It is used to understand the rate and extent of the hydration.

Scanning Electron Microscope:

SEM uses a microscopic lens which enables one to observe the microscopic structure of the solid sample. The SEM is of Phenom make and PRO X model.

Thermogravimetric Analyzer:

TGA is used to determine the evaporable and non-evaporable water content and Calcium Hydroxide (Ca(OH)2)content of hydrated cement paste.


Rheometer is used to determine the early-age properties of a hydrated sample. The viscosity, thixotropy and the evolution of stiffness of the material can be determined.

The perfectly equipped rheometer is of model AR-G2 procured from TA instruments. The equipment consists of magnetic bearing, along with continuous air and water supply for the purpose of pressure and temperature maintenance in the system.

Mercury Intrusion Porosimeter:

Mercury intrusion porosimeter is used for determination of pore size distribution. The non-wetting liquid contact technique is being used for the pore size distribution in the samples. The porosity of the material can be obtained under controlled pressure conditions that could be maintained. The automated loading mechanism can be carried out in both high and low pressures for the purpose of mercury intrusion into the pores.

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