Heavy Structures Laboratories

IITH CE Heavy Structures Laboratories provides facilities to conduct conventional tests using the lab’s uniquely large strong floor, reaction walls and variety of actuators and modern instrumentation devices and sensors. The facilities are capable of inducing forces ranging from few newtons to thousands of kilonewtons & measure deformations ranging from a few thousandth of an mm to hundreds of mm.

Our laboratory includes 10m×10m, 8m×5.7m & 7m×3m, Concrete Strong Floors and 4.5m×3.5m×1m (2 Nos.) & 5.7m×3.5m×1m Reaction Walls, to which the reaction frames, actuators, and specimens can be securely fastened during the tests.

Overhead gantry cranes of 10 Ton, 3 Ton & 2 Ton Capacities complement each of our laboratories.

MTS landmark servo hydraulic test system along with Environmental Chamber

(-200 degrees to 600 degrees Fahrenheit)

  • High cycle fatigue test
  • Low cycle fatigue test
  • Environmental testing
  • Tension test
  • Compression test
  • Bending test

Microtest 500kN Fatigue Testing Machine

Fatigue Testing Machine, ±500kN capacity, capable of fatigue testing of specimen made of cement materials and cement-based structural components, Composite materials and composite-based structural components, reinforced concrete, masonry and steel sections

100 mm Diameter Split-Hopkinson Pressure Bar

CONTROLS Flexural Testing Machine(300kN)

CONTROLS Compression Testing Machine(5000kN)

MTS Pseudo Dynamic Test System

Microtest 3000kN Compression Testing Machine

FINE SPAVY 2000kN Computer Controlled Servo Universal Testing Machine

Instron 30kN Universal Testing Machine

HBM QuantumX: The Universal & Distributable Data Acquisition System

Contact Details

For any enquiry related to a specific laboratory: Faculty In-charge & Staff In-charge

For any general enquiry: Laboratory In-charge

Prof. Amirtham Rajagopal (Professor)

Department of Civil Engineering

IIT Hyderabad Kandi, Sangareddy – 502285

Email: rajagopal@ce.iith.ac.in, structural.lab@ce.iith.ac.in

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