Constructions Materials Lab

Construction material testing lab contain equipment and facilities for testing of construction materials like cement, concrete, steel, aggregate, bricks, etc. as per relevant standards.

CONTROLS 2000 kN Automatic Compression Testing Machine

Automatic Compression testing machine is used for testing of specimens with maximum load capacity of 2000kN.

This Multipurpose compression tester has been designed for various applications in which a limited maximum load is requested, together with a large testing space such as, for instance, compressive strength on lightweight concrete and soil-cement specimens using, if necessary, the suitable accessory. It is also ideal for testing high strength cement specimens and refractory.

Wire Basket(along with Watertight container & Weigh balance) and Pycnometer

For determination of Water Absorption and Specific Gravity of Aggregates

Brass & G.I sieves

To carry out Sieve analysis and particle size distribution of fine and coarse aggregates as per IS:2386

Cylindrical Metal Measures

For determination of loose and rodded bulk density as per IS:2386.

Impact testing Apparatus

For determination of aggregate impact value of Coarse aggregates as per IS:2386.

Los Angeles abrasion Apparatus

For determination of abrasion value of coarse aggregates as per IS:2386

Vicat apparatus

For determination of normal consistency, initial & final setting time as per IS:4031

Concrete cube moulds

For casting of Concrete cubes to determine the compressive strength of concrete.

Slump Cone

For determination of workability of fresh concrete.

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